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Punctuating the Blue - Solo Show for Janell James EXTENDED

  • Terakedis Fine Art 112 North Broadway Billings, MT, 59101 United States (map)

Terakedis Fine Art, 112 North Broadway, Billings, MT, 59101, is pleased to present three opening receptions for artist Janell James and her new body of work. James’ approach is singular in application, material and style painting on five panes of plexiglass. Combining the layers of classical realism, and an old technique from the 18th century, reverse painting, she works to create trees abstractly, deconstructing old world tradition on modern-day material. Through this work each layer is revealed from back to front adding a depth and richness that can be seen in the captivating 3D result.

“Janell’s dedication over the past ten years to her full-time painting career is impressive to say the least, especially speaking as a gallery owner, this is but one aspect that I feel makes her collectible as an artist. She is one of the hardest working artists I have come across, focused and determined to make a way for herself as a professional in a career that requires both persistence and resilience, marketing skills, commitment to her trade, and an adaptability that allows her to continue to create new processes of work that is unlike any other. She is unique and original in this nexus of work and this is what makes her stand out as an artist to watch.” (Zack Terakedis)


About The Work

Trees are multi-layered in their approach to life. Their full story cannot be revealed in one instance but through the sustenance they provide all living things. Trees are a powerful species. With a network of roots below the earth they reach out to all trees with aide and protection helping them thrive even if they are of different species. Trees provide community not only for each other but also, for all living things. They are unselfish in their giving. They are our shelter, our shade, our perch, and our swing, providing our food, our oxygen. Trees know what they are meant to be from seedling, which at our very core if we listen as artists, we know this too. Without hesitation trees grow upward offering all of themselves fully toward the sun. This is why I paint trees, because trees are unhindered in their creative spirit. Trees know only the present and, in this very moment trees give all they have to life.


Art is about all types of giving, hopefully enriching other life. My work represents the many layers and possibilities albeit sometimes complex, that we all see and experience in life each day. This work cannot be seen in one layer, a painting in itself. It requires the combination of all five layers to reveal the kaleidoscope of color and abstract shapes making a full, complete, and unique painting. Peering into this 3D painting there is life and movement between each layer, breathing as shadows are cast layer upon layer and move throughout the day.

Earlier Event: August 30
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Later Event: October 6
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