Terakedis Fine Art specializes in connecting collectors and artists through an experiential process of owning original art.  The price of art is dictated by an established market, but the value of art should be shared by an artist who creates a piece and a collector who chooses to own the work for their personal enjoyment.  We strive to enhance the purchasing process through education, ease of access to artists and a commitment to fair dealings with all parties.

We commit to promoting established artists who have decades of experience and support emerging artists as they develop.  Zack Terakedis, owner, is the son of an artist, so he has a viewpoint that bridges the needs of an artist pursuing excellence in their work and the desires of a collector to own art of some significance.

Zack has 20+ years in the public and private sectors managing Montana-based and national companies and not-for-profit programs.  The paintings and sculptures in the gallery will represent his desire to share the culture, nature and wildlife of the American West with the world.

We look forward to answering your questions and helping your art collection grow.
— Zack Terakedis